Welcome to the Bearsted Medical Practice

The practice has been held since 1750. Founded by Mr Thomas Weekes in Eyhorne House in Hollingbourne. He instructed trainee apothecaries and provided care for  his patients for 29 years. We are still a training practice for both doctors and medical students. After 200 years the practice moved to Bearsted, initially at "The Limes" on Bearsted Green, and then moving to Yeoman Lane in 1973. The initial premises were built to accommodate 3 doctors. This was extended in 1982 and 1989 to accommodate 5 partners and a trainee GP. We moved into our current surgery premises with 9 consulting rooms in April 2005.

We have eight GP partners either full or part time. We employ a practice manager, 4 practice nurses, 4 health care assistants, and a paramedic practitioner. We are an active GP training practice and currently have 2 GP registrars.

Half Day Close

We will be closed from 1.00 p.m. on Wednesday 14th November 2018 until 8.30 a.m. on Thursday 15th November. Please call 111 for any medical advice required during that time, and call 999 if you have a medical emergency. Otherwise we are open as usual on Thursday morning.

Reminder when booking appointments

If you would like to pre book an afternoon appointment please be aware that these are usually pre bookable two weeks ahead and are released every Monday after 2pm and not before. For example if you are ringing on Monday 13th August after 2pm you will be able to pre book for the week commencing 27th August.

Hearing aid maintenance clinic

Our next visit from High Kent hearing for maintenance on your device will be on Monday 24th Sept from 14:15 - 15:45 - there is no need to pre book as this is a drop in and wait service.

Repeat prescriptions

Please be aware that we DO NOT accept telephone requests for medication and allow 48 working hours for your prescription to be ready.

British Heart Foundation Charity Collection

Due to Health and Safety, and Fire regulations, We have had to remove the charity collecting boxes for the British Heart Foundation, and patients can no longer leave donations of goods for these. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE BAGS OR ANY ITEMS FOR CHARITY AT THE SURGERY!

Flu clinic dates

Our Flu clinic dates for this year are listed below. These clinics are available to book now!! The parents/guardians of any eligible children will receive a letter advising them to attend. If you are due pneumonia or shingles vaccinations, you will be advised; Unless otherwise indicated, these vaccines are only given once in a lifetime. If you have received a letter inviting you to book your child for their nasal vaccination, please ensure that you book this in one of the clinics from 20th October on, and that you book before the end of December as the vaccine has an quick expiry date, and we may not be able to access vaccine after that time. Saturday 24th November For any patients who usually have this vaccination, or who know they are eligible, PLEASE DO NOT WAIT FOR AN INVITATION LETTER!! If you are not able to access any the remaining Saturday clinic, you are able to book an appointment with a Practice Nurse or HCA in usual surgery time during the week.

Correction to information given in PPG newsletter

Contrary to the information that was given in the latest PPG Newsletter, ALBION PLACE SURGERY IS NOT CLOSING!!! Huge apologies for this mis-information.

No Hepatitis A Vaccine available at the surgery

We are not able to obtain any adult Hepatitis A vaccine at the moment, read more...

Take Care of Yourself

Find some great ideas about how to take care of your own health through healthy living, exercise, eating well and tips for stopping smoking.

One You Kent

Privacy Policy Update (GDPR)

We have updated our Privacy Policy please follow this link to view the details.

WALK IN AND WAIT CLINIC – this operates every morning between 9.00 a.m. – 10.30 a.m.  No need to ring, just come to reception and book in (the surgery does not open it’s doors until 8.30 a.m. and we do not recommend arriving earlier than this to queue outside). If you feel unwell and unable to come in to the surgery to register your name on to the walk in list, you are able to ask someone else to do this on your behalf.

You can ask to see a doctor of your choice if that doctor is on duty on the day you come, but please be aware there may be a longer wait if you stipulate a specific choice of doctor.  On ‘checking in’ at the reception desk for the clinic, you are able to ask for an estimated waiting time.  If you are advised that you have time to leave the surgery for a while, please remember to make a receptionist aware of your return!

Waiting times are subject to changes.

To make a routine appointment with a doctor or nurse during surgery hours, please either telephone or come into the surgery.  Every Monday, after 2.00 p.m., we release a new week of pre-bookable afternoon appointments for all of the doctors two weeks’ ahead.

During 1pm-2pm, the Practice will remain open for either leaving or collecting prescriptions or correspondence.  No doctors will be available at this time, and it will not be possible to make appointments.  The telephone will only be open for medical emergencies so please do not ring between these times unless there is an emergency and you need urgent medical advice.

Please note the surgery is closed at weekends and on Public Holidays.