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There is currently a measles outbreak, and there have been several cases in Kent. It is important that any eligible person should have two MMR vaccinations according to the national immunisation schedule. Please book in with a nurse if necessary.

We ask, any patient with a rash, especially if preceded by a fever, to telephone the surgery before arriving unannounced. Anyone with a rash will be directed to a side room.

The incubation period of measles is typically about 10 days (range 7 to 18 days). There is usually fever with cold symptoms including a cough, runny nose and conjunctivitis. Spots appear during the early stage of the illness. The manulopapular rash starts on day 3 or 4 initially in the hairline and then spreads to the face, trunk and limbs. The fever persists once the rash appears, unlike many other viral infections.