Bearsted Medical Practice

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Patient rights and responsibilities

  • We endeavour to offer high standards of medical care as part of family medicine
  • Patients should expect courteous and prompt response to urgent problems and offered a contact with a member of the clinical team
  • Patients may see whichever doctor they wish subject to availability but we prefer you stay with one GP with a single problem
  • Patients can expect confidentiality, respect for their autonomy, and to be involved in the choice of treatment
  • We actively monitor patients who fail to attend for appointments. please cancel a pre-booked appointment that is no longer needed
  • The patient has a responsibility to try, where possible to use our service within the resources available
  • We shall not tolerate violent or abusive behaviour – such patients will be removed instantly from the list
  • We reserve the right to remove patients from our list or we may suggest patients re-register if the relationship seems to be breaking down
  • We are a fully computerised practice – and all patient contact is logged. Hospital letters are scanned on a patient’s record on the day of receipt by the practice. All patients have the right to ask to see their medical records , but disclosure of information to any outside source (i.e insurance compoanies etc) will only be carried out with the permission of the patient.
  • All the practice team have access to patient medical records, but strictly on “a need to know basis”. All staff have agreed to a very strict confidentiality culture.