Name Qualification Position M/F Photograph
Dr Richard J LaurentMB,BS (1983) MRCGP, DCH, FP CertWorks all day Mondays, , Thursday all day and Friday AMMale
Dr Alison J MilroyMB, ChB (1990) DCH, DRCOG, MRCGPWorks all day Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays , Thursday am only and Friday until 4pm.Female
Dr Lisa DolmanMB, BS (1990) MRCGP, DCH, DFFG
(carries out coil fitting in surgery)
Works all day Mondays, Tuesdays and ThursdaysFemale
Dr Christopher J Godsmark(1994) BM, DFFpWorks all day Monday – ThursdayMale
Dr Andrew Mortimer(1994) MB, BS, MRCGPWorks all day Monday, Tues, Thurs and FridayMale
Dr William D G Richardson(2005) MB, BS, BSc, MRCP, MRCGPWorks Monday, Tues, Wed and FridayMale
Dr Hannah N Warren(2004) MB, BS, MRCGP, BSc, DRCOGWorks all day Wed and Friday and Thursday AMFemale
Dr Sophie MossWorks all day Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesday am onlyFemale

Reception Supervisor

Name Qualification Position Photograph
Gaia MossReception Supervisor

Practice nurse

Name Qualification Position Photograph
Christine FanninPractice Nurse
Jo Chandler
Cathy George
Katharine JenkinsRGN

Additional healthcare staff

Name Qualification Position Photograph
Frauke ParrishHealth Care Technician
Marion TurnerHealth Care Technician
Kathy BeaverHealth Care Technician - available for blood tests, blood pressure tests, ECG’s, and new patient checks. NHS Health Checks are carried out by Kathy Beaver on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons.
Carly RosewellHealth Care Technician

Practice manager

Name Qualification Position Photograph
Gill McDermottPractice Manager

Practice staff

Name Qualification Position Photograph
Kim LeDispenser
Karen StylesDispensers
Lyn GowerDispensers
Theresa PennellsHealth and Social Care Coordinator (NHS) Theresa holds a clinic at the surgery every Tuesday. She is able to advise patients and families on the processes necessary when applying for care packages, completing financial forms, applying for Power of Attorney, etc. and is able to sign post people appropriately according to their needs. She liaises with Social Services and all other community support agencies, specialist care nurses, the hospice and chronic conditions nurse. She also attends multi agency home visits, and multi disciplinary team meetings with the doctors.